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Why Do Hud Properties Have
To Have Radon Testing?

In 2013, HUD (Department of Urban Development) issued a new policy for multifamily housing that was designed to reduce the number of radon-induced lung cancer deaths.  Radon HUD testing is required for all multifamily homes,  FHA-insured construction gets tested for radon and remediated if needed. 

HUDHUD mandates and specifically asks that a radon test report be submitted with all mortgage insurance applications for multifamily Housing and must be included with the application.

This report is to be produced from the direct supervision of a licensed/state certified radon professional, following specific and explicit protocols.  All reports must include the results of any testing performed, regardless of pass or fail.  

The proposal of any remediation and mitigation that will be required to satisfy and reduce the elevated levels of radon to acceptable healthy living ranges and the timing of such remediation efforts. All HUD radon reports must be signed, dated, and certified by a State licensed radon professional.

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