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We Provide Radon Testing for Multifamily Housing in Idaho

Idaho Multifamily Radon Testing

Idaho multifamily radon testingIdaho Multifamily Radon Testing – With radon gas being the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, it is imperative that all individuals, whether renting a unit in an apartment complex or owning a home, be concerned about the level of exposure to radon gas in your living environment.

Radon gas has been found in every county in Idaho. Forty percent (40.2%) of the homes that have been tested in Idaho have a 4.0 or greater level of Picocuries per liter of air (pCi/L). To put that in perspective, The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a level of 2.7 aCi/L. So, Idahoans on average have a higher level of exposure to radon gas than the safe level recommended by WHO.

Idaho Counties

In analyzing the counties in Idaho several counties have shown very high levels of radon gas exposure:

  • Kootenai County – 68% of homes tested in some areas of the county test high.
  • Blaine County – 61% of homes tested in some areas of the county test high.
  • Bannock – 50% of homes tested in some areas of the county test high.
  • Ada County – 36% of homes tested in some areas of the county test high.

Idaho Radon Program

Because of the concern for the high levels of radon gas in Idaho, the Idaho Radon Program offers FREE Virtual Radon Resistant New Construction Classes to learn about radon in Idaho and how to incorporate radon resistant new construction techniques into the building of homes and apartments that house families. This workshop is a must for commercial and home builders, building inspectors, realtors, homeowners, or the general public. To sign up for the classes go to:

Multifamily HUD Housing in Idaho

When it comes to building HUD qualified apartment buildings in Idaho, HUD mandates and specifically asks that a radon test report be submitted with all mortgage insurance applications for multifamily Housing and must be included with the application.

This report is to be produced from the direct supervision of a licensed/state certified radon professional, following specific and explicit protocols.  All reports must include the results of any testing performed, regardless of pass or fail.

Call US Today

Idaho Multifamily Radon Testing – Factor Testing, a division of Utah Radon Services, can test on buildings during new construction and existing buildings.  We have vast experience working with HUD properties and we have our own testing and lab equipment to get you results fast.

Don’t delay in the protection of housing occupants from this deadly gas. Call Factor Testing today at 866-476-2773.

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